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Families We Have Helped


Monty was unable to use his hind legs and was in respiratory distress. APF helped him walk and breathe normally again!


Meet Monty! This sweet French bulldog was presented to WestVet unable to use his hind legs and in respiratory distress. Following advanced imagining, it was determined that Monty needed back surgery. It was also determined that Monty was suffering from brachycephalic airway syndrome, which is an upper airway abnormality that affects short nosed dogs and cats. Monty needed a soft palate resection to breathe better.


Thanks to financial support from APF, Monty received the necessary surgeries! At his two week recheck post surgery, Monty was already walking again and breathing much better! Way to heal Monty!



Tank couldn't use his hind legs. Financial support from APF helped Tank walk again!


Meet handsome boy Tank! Tank was presented to WestVet unable to use his hind legs. A CT scan and myelogram were recommended to determine the cause. Tank had a disc extrusion in his lumbar spine and he needed a back surgery known as hemilaminectomy for the best chances at being able to walk again. We were so happy to be able to help Tank and his family with the care he needed to get back on all four legs again! Way to heal Tank! 


Gidget had two eye problems in two years. APF funds helped restore Gidget's quality of life.


Gidget, a darling apricot toy poodle, will mark a big milestone next month when she celebrates her 12th birthday. She has a renewed vigor, love for life, and disposition now that she is pain-free. Her people are planning a big celebration for this beloved pet, read her story HERE. 


Zoey's complicated medical issue was treated successfully at WestVet, restoring her quality of life.


After numerous veterinary visits, Zoey's diagnosis required an extreme surgery. Her people utilized the Audrey Pet Foundation and other nonprofit sources to cover the costs of her care. Now, this little one is enjoying life and bringing joy to everyone. Read her story, as told by her person HERE.


Eagle Dog that Escaped a House Fire Recovering After Successful Surgery


Thanks to financial help from the Audrey Pet Foundation and after care from WestVet employees, the Rodriguez family is expecting Max to return home.

Read his story HERE.


KTVB reported on Max's progress. Watch him greet his owner and walk outside following surgery HERE


Beloved Dog Returns to Family After Surgery for Ingesting a Foreign Body


A fish hook became lodged in Lilly's esophagus. Surgery was critical to saving her life. Her family applied funds they received from the Audrey Pet Foundation to get her back on her feet, and back in the arms of all of the people who love her. 

They designed a sweet thank you note, you may see it HERE.



Shih Tzu Treated for Adrenal Gland Tumor at WestVet


Mini's people were very grateful they did not have to wait to pursue care for their sweet companion. She is recovering beautifully. You may read their letter HERE.