Our Mission


The mission of the Audrey Pet Foundation (APF) is to provide assistance for veterinary emergency and specialty care for financially disadvantaged pet owners.


Eligibility for financial assistance is based on a sliding scale of income and household size. An independent board from APF reviews applications and bases funding decisions on the owner’s financial status and the pet’s medical prognosis. Applicants may receive a discount of up to $1,200 on their veterinary expenses and care at WestVet.


About Audrey Pet Foundation

The Audrey Pet Foundation (APF) is proud to be Idaho’s first financial assistance program for pets requiring specialty veterinary care. This needs-based 501(c)(3) organization utilizes donated financial support, along with donated services from WestVet doctors and specialists, to save pets and restore them to good health.


Idaho ranks in the top three states per capita for pet ownership. With the American Veterinary Medicine Association reporting that 70% of Idaho families include a pet, the need for specialty veterinary care is growing. The goal of the Audrey Pet Foundation is to enable more pet owners to utilize veterinary specialty care. WestVet is one of only a handful of private specialty/emergency veterinary hospitals in the United States that has developed a formalized plan for financial assistance. 


“The creation of the Audrey Pet Foundation stemmed from our own heartbreak in knowing we could treat a family’s pet, yet owners had to opt for less ideal treatment or decline treatment altogether because of the financial strain,” said Dr. Jeff Brourman, WestVet’s founder and Chief of Staff.  “With continuous and tremendous advances in veterinary medicine, we can now treat a variety of conditions including heart defects, neurologic disorders, and severe bone and joint problems. However, those types of treatments can be costly—comparable to the costs for human treatments. APF will help more animals to obtain care that they may not have otherwise received.”  


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APF is affiliated with and works exclusively through the WestVet 24/7 Emergency and Specialty Hospital.